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The Tadao will allow you to use modern modes and can be set via the trigger and updated via USB. With Pandora, there is a more modern firmware called RMod that was written by a member here, but switching between modes requires a special cable and connecting to a computer which is kind of a pita. I have had very good luck with WAS 2.0 as well, but Tadao seems to be the crowd favorite.

As far as frames, anything with a flat bottom can be modified. I find the stock frames very comfy myself. With triggers, the main differences are whether it has a roller bearing and if it has a spring or magnet return. Here are some pictures to help. Keep in mind though, so of these these frames and triggers are hard to find and very sought after.

AKA Frame with JMJ Darkworks Trigger

AKA Diet Milled Single Trigger Frame

JMJ Frame with JMJ NURVous Trigger

JMJ Snatchgrip Frame with JMJ Razor Blade Trigger

FBM Frame with JMJ Reverse Blade Trigger

Tarantula 90 Frame and Froth Blade Trigger

Frenzy Frame (takes Ego7/8 board) and Acid Customs Trigger

PM5 UL Frame (takes UL board and trigger)
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