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Originally Posted by weerez935 View Post
What is a pandora board worth?
Tough to say. Most people would want one as an upgrade from the old Nelson board, but in that case most people seem to go after M5s (cheaper) or Ebisus (pricier) because they're newer and still available new in package - the tricolor LED makes programing easier too. Keep in mind you can switch modes using the trigger with the Pandora board too.

I'd say the best thing to do is find out how much an M5 is used, then knock 25-35% off that price and list it. If you don't get any bites, take it down another notch, rinse repeat. It's still a great board, just not as desirable.

Originally Posted by weerez935 View Post
Also would you guys recommend the NURVous trigger or the acid customs trigger. I like the shape of those but was curious on your thoughts.
I use the NURVous on all of my markers, but I bought them back when they were actually available for purchase. DC has every other style JMJ in stock other than that, and obviously more will not be made. It'd probably be cheaper to have Acid Customs make you what you need (considering what NURVOUS triggers have gone for recently) and you wouldn't need to hunt for it.

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