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The Trigger Rocket is precision engineered from aluminium alloy and is designed to significantly improve trigger characteristics on the GOG™ eNMEy™. When used with a shim, trigger pull can be shortened by up to 70% and trigger slop dramatically improved.

• Made in the USA
• Fully adjustable
• Replaces plastic NME104 Actuator Pin
• Allows 1/8" trigger pull to be shortened to as little as 1/32" (with shim)

Tuning your Trigger Rocket:
The suggested Rocket length (tip to tip) is 5/8".

To tune your trigger pull to the minimum possible length, back out the screw on the Rocket a few turns, put the safety on and re-assemble your eNMEy.

With the safety still on, gas up and pull the trigger. Give it a fair tug, but not too hard - you don't want to snap the plastic trigger. The marker will likely vent air, and may even fire.

Disassemble the marker, screw in the adjuster a quarter turn, and reassemble the marker.

Repeat until it no longer vents air when the trigger is pulled with the safety engaged.

The Trigger Rocket is designed to remove travel after the safety engagement point. The screw must not be over-extended, as it will prevent the safety from operating correctly. To safely remove travel in front of the safety engagement point, a shim is required.

You will need:
• ~ 1" x 1/2" strip of 1/32" or 1mm thick Aluminium sheet (recommended) OR an old credit card.
• 1/2" strip of double-sided adhesive tape
• Scissors

1. Cut and fold the shim to the template above.

2. Leaving the protective backing in place, apply double-sided tape to the inside of the long side.

3. Remove the grip panel, and slide in the shim underneath the trigger. The short side should sit at the front.

4. Remove protective adhesive backing, wedge the trigger forward and fix shim against frame.
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