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Clearing out some random stuff.

Hey everyone, I've got a bunch of stuff I'm looking to clear out, as it's just taking up room.

If you spend more than $50 I'll eat the shipping on every item you buy and cut deals on additional items. This extends over to all my other sales too (see sig for links)

Trades: I'm only looking for a 16' DW fibur barrel, cocker threaded

For sale:

EH Metal muff with top boost, power supply and patch cable- $70

Boss ds1, missing one of the knob covers - $20

Visiontek killer HD 5770, is a 5770 and has an onboard killer NIC chip - $70

Xfx hd 5770 with cut heatsink, cut the heatsink for clearance on a custom project - $45

BGF Ageia PhysX card, for collector purposes - $10

Old d-link gaming router - $25

Old logitech webcam - $10

5.25" to 2.5" bay adapter, pounded in two of the nubs so it could fit my raptor drive (thicker than a standard 2.5" drive) - $10

Jabra Clipper bluetooth, lets you use whatever headphones you want over bluetooth and still make calls, got it as a gift and never used it - $35

2x1gb laptop ram sticks - $10

Pci ribbon cable - $5

Raptor heatsink, I cannot find the screws - $10

Phenom x2 555 black edition, worked last I used it, unlocked both cores successfully, has some old AS5 paste on it - $15
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