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Polished Brassterling****pending*****


Up for sale is the Brassterling. This is the first of hopefully a small handful of these.

Here's a list of what's been done here:

-All 3 tube on the body have been scratch built and Polished
--The bottom tube is about .010" smaller than the normal body (.745). So, the valve fits tightly. But, the hammer and linkage run slightly smoother.
-The bolt has been turned down to fit the barrel and the speed feed. The barrel bore is about .017" smaller than the stock bodies.
-.677 measured barrel made from TyMcneer's barrel stock.
-Bolt tapped for velocity adjustment screw.
-The top tube parts are interchangeable with sheridan parts.
-The pump handle has been machined with a radius to fit to the top tube
-The frame has been has been machined with a radius to fit the lower tube.
-Sterling Bronze internals
-Stock main spring lightened valve spring
-Shortened pump rod and cocking rod

Long story short it's the child of a sterling and a PMI-1. Many of the guys at EMR got to fondle this thing at Pump Panda and I didn't hear a bad word about it. It's smooth as hell and shoots great. If you have any questions, feel free to ask.

Price-$250 shipped US*****pending*****
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