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Hey everyone, I'm looking to clear out some stuff.

Spend more than $50 and I'll eat the shipping and cut some deals on anything else you want.

Trades: I'm only looking for 16in DW fibur barrel, cocker threaded.


Eggy2 hopper, not cracked at all, lid is great, scuffed up shells. Board does NOT work, it turned on once and didn't turn on again - $25 as is

Extreme Rage mask with visor and bag - $20

From left to right:

Bag o' shoebox shocker parts includes a rebuilt kit, bolt and switch cover - $10
Phantom pump handle bored out at one end to take thicker barrels - $10
Thumper pump paddle - $10
Pink macro fittings - $10
SP CO2 on/off tank valve - $25
Empire reloader sound activated revy board, no idea if it works - $5 SOLD
CP chrome on off (rail mount, not direct mount) - $10 SOLD
Shock tech alias timmy bolt, NIB bascially - $10

From left to right:
Old wrestling kneepads - $5 (would prefer to ship with something else)
Dye kneepads - $10
Dye elbow pads - $5
APP half finger gloves - $10 SOLD
Proto armpads pretty worn - $5
Shotty shell bandolier - $15 (will probably end up keeping this one)

WWA feed, raw, needs polishing/media blasting before anno - $100

Ninja 70/4500, has slight leak through the pin, dated 9/09 - $65
PE 68ci tank, dated 4/04, needs hydro, no reg - $20
Dye tank cover - $10 ($5 if purchased with ninja tank)

From top to bottom:
Spyder threaded Freak Jr - $20 SOLD
Cocker threaded evil driver barrel - $15
Cocker threaded pink tip redz pepperstick - $15
Cocker threaded Freak barrel, 14in AA front - $30 SOLD

Thanks for looking!
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