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TJD's Carbon Fiber Raincover

Hello folks. Today I have a short review of TJD's CF raincover.

First off, the specs:

Price: $75 shipped
Length: Somehwere around 6-6.5 inches
OD: 1.616" according to my ****ty calipers
ID (of the carbon piece, not the caps): around 1.45"
Weight: It's carbon fiber with nylon endcaps, you really want me to weight the ****ing thing?

This raincover was primarily designed to be used on DW barrels, although due to it's design, it will fit on any barrel with a uniform thickness close to the DW. It uses 2 o-rings on the inside of each nylon cap to provide friction. It also has three nylon-tipped grub screws that you can tighten down to really clamp that sucker on there.

The CF is the real thing, it is not a sticker or vinyl on plastic. The finish is a semi-gloss finish that is near identical to the finish on my deadlywind.

To increase rain absorption, the end caps come off (you really need to muscle them off, as it's a nice tight fit with a thick o-ring) and there is a perfect amount of space inside for a 3.5x4.5" scotch-brite pad.

As far a performance, it works great, looks great, adds barely any noticable weight to the end of the barrel, and does an AWESOME job at protecting your porting from rain while looking badass.

Final verdict: 10/10, Hell I may buy a second.

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