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Originally Posted by tymcneer View Post
As far as I know I am in. If it hasn't been posted, could someone get me a street address or gpsable location so I can plan the day... also what time in the morning until when in the afternoon?

I am trying to arrange a full carload.

Here is their website: Linglestown Paintball | Home

Hours are 9-4 but they typically open the gate earlier.

1150 Wenrich St
Linglestown, PA 17112

A word of warning to anyone who hasn't played here. As you near the top of the hill, watch your speed. You'll see a bunch of ruts in the pavement where people have bottomed out by taking it too fast. If you're looking for landmarks, you want to turn right at the cemetery. The entrance is at the top of the hill on the left. Also, as you pull onto the dirt road, watch for ruts. You'll see a couple parking areas - ignore them if you get there early enough. We park at the far end right by the staging area.

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