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Originally Posted by JeffS77 View Post
I cant belive those two guy stood there after you shot at them reloaded/aired and they never moved

good move on your part. they obviously had no idea they where getting flanked...this video helps show how keeping your eyes and ears open as well as communicating with your teamates is important...those dude got owned.
I couldn't believe it either! and I thought that first guy was running from me, turns out he never knew I was there! I took the bunker behind him, aimed, and then thought "na, your not an immediate target, lets take out the other two first..."

Got lucky cause that was my last mag, and I was outta ammo [already spent 2 zetamags + 5 regular mags earlier that game], so if he'da called my bluff during the surrender, I'da been toast...

OSG - nice video, I'm hoping to make it out to the next scenario game you guys are doing on the 18th!
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