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Originally Posted by HP_Lovecraft View Post
Funny that nobody gives any actual numbers to go by.

I remember that the early PMI3, Golden Eagle and 68-SPecial would get around 400-450 shots per 20oz. The PMI3 could double that with a good expansion system, but the 68-special ran a siphon, so we would just have lots of ready-to-go 20oz tanks.

Back then 400 shots were not really enough for a game, so 32 and 40oz tanks became very popular, typically run on remote

THe 2nd gen guns like the F1, Z, Proam would typically get 700 or so. By the mid 90s 1000/20oz was the norm.

Does anyone have similar stats on the Vector/Rainmaker/Shocker? It might help get it into perspective.
In the short time (~ 1.5 years) I had a Vector (model C, I think), I never got through more than 500 shots before velocity sank to the point of uselessness (using a standard 20 oz. tank through a female stab). Of course, I kind of knew what to expect.

Back the day, my first Pro-Lite, out of the box, only got a bout 600-ish out of a 20. After some internal polishing and an aftermarket barrel, it was in the 700 range. I'd gotten so used to that that I was literally shocked when my first Blazer (bz590) got through 3/4 of a case on a single 20 oz.
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