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Price check on a bunch of stuff

I want to sell some of the stuff I got in the box 'o Cocker I got a while ago, but I have no idea what to ask.

So, can anyone give me a price check on these things?

Fully working 1993 mini Cocker. Has some small scratches/demage to the body.

The above's sister. A 1993 mini Cocker. Some minor demage to the body. Needs a new bolt pin, cocking rod, 3-way, lpr, and ASA. (Comes with same 6" barrel and trigger frame as above which I forgot to photograph).

1992 cocker. Has some small demage/scratchs to the body. Needs front block (or pump kit), pneumatics, trigger screws and bolt pin.

Unknown year Mini Evolution. Wire type detend. Body either has no anno or some (bad shape) dusted silver (Should be re-annoed imo). Needs 3-way, bolt pin, trigger screws, IVG, hammer, main spring and possibly some more.

Rare!! Fonda Magic Cocker. Unknown date. Needs LPR and 3-way. Note that most fittings are metric sized. Most normal Cocker parts wont fit without some modification.

Another rare Fonda Magic Cocker. Same as above but in somewhat lesser shape. Needs all new pneumatics, one trigger screw, IVG, and possibly some more. Bolt is slightly mishshaped at the back end but works fine.

Bunch of 12" Cocker threaded barrels All are in great shape (Though the last one should get some pollishing).
From top to bottom:
1: Unknown black/red/silver splash barrel
2: Unknown green/black barrel
3: Lapco Autospirit
4: Unknow black barrel
5: Unknown brass barrel

Chameleon Autonelson kit. Fits Maverick/Traccer/etc.
Missing a screw and trigger plate.

So, what should I ask for these?

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