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Maloneoni's rummage sale

Paypal and shipping are included in price for shipping within the US.

The AA HPR is spoken for, as is the spare spring.

I threw out the clear tube.

Cocker 3 (or 4) way with barbs - $15
ASA/drop/cradle thing. I need to find the little square piece that the screws pass through. - $7 sold
Microline fittings - $4
ASA plug - $4
1/8 NPT push to connect fitting set - $4 sold
90* 1/8 NPT fitting $4 for the lot sold
Braided metal hose - $4 each sold

98 custom flatline $40 It's missing its rear sight piece.

Model 98/98c parts
$20 for the lot
I think plug was already listed
Rear velocity adjuster
Aluminum forgrip (model 98 only)
Double trigger
Power feed
Rear cocking

Model 98 project - $35
No idea on working condition. NO FEEDNECK, AS IS.

Gloss Red Autococker threaded CP. I think it is a .689. - $25
Chrome 98 threaded seems like a large bore. No idea on make $15
Stock 98 barrel $5
Stock ICD Bushmaster barrel, ICD threads - $5

JT cleats, size 12. Very good condition; used maybe once or twice. $40

Pure energy remote line - $10 sold

Crossfire 68/4500, new hydro as of this spring, holds air. Born date is in 2004.
Nitroduck 68/3000 with integrated cradle, new hydro as of this spring; one gauge is missing its plastic face. I don't know if that gauge works. holds air. Born date is in 2000.
$50 each. Covers the cost of shipping it to you and what it cost me to hydro them.

Ion Frame. I bought it for a lightest ion possible project that I never really started. $15
CP collet lock feedneck, ion/icd threaded. Has "halo large" and "halo" collet. $10
Lucky low rise feedneck, ion threaded $5 shipped
SFT shocker threaded freak back. Beat to hell. See detail picture: sold

Everything is used. If you want specific pictures, ask for them.

Don't like the price? Make an offer.

If you want to look, I have more feedback on PBN and ICDO.
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