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So it looks like my potentiometer is (going) bad on my lathe's speed control box. The motor is a Dayton 2M139A ( ) and that is not the original motor. The internet says the original motor control had a 50k pot. I think that's what's in it now, but electronics are not a strong suit of mine and wanted to bounce it off you guys.

Current pot:

What I think, is that the underlined 137 is the manufacturer, which is a company called CTS. The 4 digit might be the date Jan 8th, 1984? Other examples are yy/mm, but 18 wouldn't make sense for a month. The 106-050 seems like series 106, 50k, but who knows.

EDIT: The date code is yy/ww, so week 18 of 1984. Interesting, the box certainly doesn't look that old.
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