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Originally Posted by desertT1 View Post
So it looks like my potentiometer is (going) bad on my lathe's speed control box. The motor is a Dayton 2M139A ( DAYTON Universal AC/DC Mtr, 1/5hp, 10, 000rpm, 115V - Universal AC-DC Motors - 2M139|2M139 - Grainger Industrial Supply ) and that is not the original motor. The internet says the original motor control had a 50k pot. I think that's what's in it now, but electronics are not a strong suit of mine and wanted to bounce it off you guys.

Current pot:

What I think, is that the underlined 137 is the manufacturer, which is a company called CTS. The 4 digit might be the date Jan 8th, 1984? Other examples are yy/mm, but 18 wouldn't make sense for a month. The 106-050 seems like series 106, 50k, but who knows.

EDIT: The date code is yy/ww, so week 18 of 1984. Interesting, the box certainly doesn't look that old.
My Google fu has been subpar lately, but if that motor is designed to be ran at 115v, just measure the amperage going into the potentiometer and divide the voltage by the amperage and you're good. If I'm way off, correct me, just some high school kid who happens to live in Vail.
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