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Originally Posted by desertT1 View Post
Grainger says it pulls 2.9A, so 115/2.9 gets me 39.7. That's in the ballpark of 50, but not 50k. Read up a lot last night and have more to do tonight since I actually want to understand this more and found some good resources.

Vail, AZ or another state?

Neftaly: it's not connected directly, but I don't understand the circuitry in the box. Why 50k and what is the wattage rating have to do with things? The 50k at Radio Shack and other places are all rated at .5W. This motor runs at ~350 watts...
Arizona, moved into town not too long ago. Neftaly hit in on the head however, not very familiar with the machinery side of things, mostly electronics. Sorry for any misinformation, saw the thread and popped my head in.
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