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Hey everybody, weddin is in the rearview so now I can start saving for some machines let the stupid questions commence..... So first I want to get a manual lathe. Just to pick your brains here I'll start by saying I want to be able to do barrel boring for myself and freinds, bolts possibly (Plastic and aluminum will be mostly what this thing will see), and threading. In my current situation I cannot see 220v but in the hopefully nearish future after I get a house I am building a shop with 220 so is there something I can get for now then swap out or will 115 be good enough for what I want to do? I would also like to dabble in stainless and mild steel but not necessary. Second bout of silly questions, what is the advantage of 3 phase and what is it for (its always confused me :s )? and third question is a collet system worthwhile to me or should just a 3 jaw chuck suffice?

thanks in advance
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