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My tryouts carrying Zeta mags so far,

First week out I just had the extras stuffed in pockets, but that's not very handy. So I stitched up a pouch like the ones I made for truefeeds. I made them to run along the back of my belt since they are that much longer than stock, they used to have the dust boots on shock cord but those are on the new pouches. The Cadpat 500D was cheap because of some defect coloring, tiny light splotches on camo that is barely noticable:

I didn't like that much, so I ran a week or two running a pair of spare mags in my Emdom dump pouch. While I was playing around with a remote line I was using a Dye vest. 3 fit in each of the zipper pockets easily, but sweat can get to them and they could fall out at the wrong time.

I didn't like the tank on my back, hurts to fall on. Next up was a 4oz tucked into a side pocket of my Condor chest rig. Fits a good amount of mags inside without even touching the Molle up front. Didn't like the remote coil constantly getting in my way so I didn't stick with the vest or chest rig for long.

Years ago I sewed some large loop velcro patches inside my leg cargo pockets, easy to swap out for whatever I'm shooting that day. I initially made up a patch with some 8 inch elastic to hold the Zetas. Holds in place fine but all the running knocks paint out of the top and bottom of the mags. Stitched these up to hold them a little bit better:

Works pretty good when I ran with them yesterday, though I might find a way to raise them a few inches and incorporate a leg strap so they don't bounce(they don't bounce too much)

Some of you may like these carrying methods more than me, so far the legs are more handy for my style.

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