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FS/FT: Phenom parts (most of a Phenom) - SOLD

So i've got most of a phenom up for sale/trade. I don't want to part this out. Pics are below.

Phenom parts included:
Flex Valve (might need rebuild)
Body shells (little dirty)
stock rear cap and faux magazine
front shroud, may not be stock one
cyclone feed
some body screws, no pushpins

asking $125 or trade for Tippmann stuff. Phenom / A5 accessories, universal milsim parts.

Looking for Phenom / A5 accessories, Phenom Tacamo kit, aftermarket Phenom accessories, TiPX, KP hammer, other useful tactical gear, hydration supplies, new lens for (profiler/morph/shield) mask, or just offer. Really could use M4/ar-15 carry handle

DO NOT WANT: Any form of e-marker, mp3 players, e-hoppers, games, or game systems.

Thanks for looking,


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