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All New Strikeloader!


With over 5,000 hours of intense R&D, we have successfully overcome all technical inconsistencies, to finally make available to you one of the most advanced articles of technology this sport has ever seen! Developing this technology required significant economic and personal commitment over several years.

We are offering a strictly limited amount of early bird packages (reduced price) for the first players who wanna crush the opposing team! Check out the link at the bottom of this text. This is your chance to get your hands on this revolutionary new product well in advance of its broader market release. Your orders will be delivered to you in a priority dispatch of several months before the general public. You will reveal in shocking your opponents with overwhelming force.

Orders will be fulfilled at a special, discount price of $289 USD ($269 early birds), reduced from $399 RRP! This offer also includes free worldwide shipping and a free Li-Ion battery pack.
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I say to you with love in my heart... your a whore.
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i like the zipper... pullover's hurt when i take them off. I gel my hair everyday so when I pull it off it snags on my hair and hurts.

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