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Pyle audio systems... Are they that bad?

So the 6-CD changer in my 2003 Mercury Mountaineer finally crapped the bed after about two years of occasional questionable loading/ejecting (generally solved by popping the fuse - annoying). It's got 5 CDs stuck in it and won't load or eject at all, and it takes about 30 seconds to boot up. From what I've read, it's a miracle that it lasted this long.

Anyhow, a refurbished OEM unit doesn't seem worth it considering the age of the vehicle - for the money I'd rather buy another Twister and stick an old boombox on my passenger seat. I need a new GPS too, always wanted an auxiliary input or ipod dock, and my backup sensors quit circa 2008, so I figured I might be able to kill three or four birds with one stone. I don't plan to blast my entire block with gangsta rap, I'd just be pumping rock at normal to slightly high levels through the existing stock speakers - what I mean is I'm not too concerned with the the bottom or how it will perform as a public address system.

I've been looking at this unit and camera:
Pyle PLDNV78I 7" Double-DIN Touchscreen LCD
PYLE PLCM10 License Plate Mount Rearview Camera

From what I've read in reviews the only issues with the unit are an utter lack of installation instructions and tedious setup/programing/updating needed to get it operating the way you want it to. Those seem like non-issues to me; I've got a buddy who's done tons of installs, and I've worked in the tech industry long enough to be able to handle the setup and updates with only minor frustration. The reviews from people who actually knew how to set the system up seem very positive. I'd be pleased with the fact that it can be set up with the controls on the steering wheel.

Does anybody have any experience with Pyle? Good? Bad? Ugly? Anyone got a better option for under $300? I can live without the backup camera...
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