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Few years ago at a scenario at splatbrothers in va. I am bunkered down behind a low wall with some kid asking me the usual dumb questions about my Phantom. About ten feet in front of us are two enemies, both kids with parents that had deep wallets because they layed more paint onto that wall than I used all weekend. Well anyway I was snap shooting almost hitting them a few times the kid next to me was to scared that his Hopper would get hit to do anything. So I wait hoping for something to happen. The enemy fire stops, I listen. I hear one ask the other for paint. . I jump out of the bunker, sprint to the bunker one shotting both of them. . To get lit up by about 10 approaching enemies that had been walking up the road. .
Best thing was one of the kids came over to me later that day to ask me about pump guns. Saw thay kid the next month running with a Phantom. .. made me smirk. .
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