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I was at scenario, south of Austin TX, a few years a go. I had my Sydarm, so I stuck it in the small of my back. There was a firefight on a road, well I just went down about 50 yards and just nonchalantly walk across the road. I then came across a squad of guys, on the other side, I started barrel tagging them. One guy turned to see what was going on I stuck my Sydarm in face and told him to surrender, he did. I shot two more guys in the butt. Then their medic and another guy was behind a bunker, I shot him out, then I told the medic to surrender, he did. At that point I had no paintballs in the gun.
A little later after I was shot, I went back to my campsite, and while I was walking I heard "There's that SOB". The squad leader asked me to come over, "So your the one that wiped out my squad?"
"With a pistol?"
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