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Just this last weekend I was playing with a group of new players, without a marker. I had successfully crept through their lines and then was confronted by the young lady I had loaned my Mini to. She proceeds to light up the tree I am hiding behind... I do this comical lean back and look at another player and say "Please shoot her" Followed up by realizing he is one *HER* team. I announce "Wrong team" and proceed to wave my hands and make Dr Zoidberg noises as I scuttled back toward our end of the field. The player was stunned and failed to shot me while I was scuttling in the open. The ref across the way pretty much died laughing. He commented after the game he didn't think I would run... I pointed out I can scuttle like the best of them.

All in all a great day. Barrel tagged 2 new players and one experienced player... I haven't done that in many years.


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