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I can't comment on the Pyle; but if you are looking for an alternative that has Ipod compatibility, look into the Pioneer AppRadio. It's Iphone/Ipod/Android compatible; and able to support a mess of apps, of which there are quite a few GPS apps. The only ceveat here is that is doesn't have a CD slot, all non-AM/FM music and video is done via your phone or Ipod.

There is a new AppRadio 3, which had made the AppRadio 2 a cheap buy at under $300 new on the Bay. Since it is basically a car computer, there are forums that support some neat downloadable mods, like screensavers and video support mods.

If you are set on using CD's, there are a couple routes you could go here.

First, most factory radios and changers are supported by an aftermarket company's OEM system. For instance, Subarus have used Clarion as an OEM for their radios and changers for a while, some high end makers use Alpine, etc. If you simply wanted to change the changer, there is a good chance that it can be replaced with its OEM counterpart. Crutchfield may be of some help investigating this, they used to sell harnesses that would allow you to add a changer to a supporting factory radio that came without one.

If you have your mind set on changing your head unit, don't overlook Kenwood. It's far from a low end manufacturer. Also, Sony has again started to put more stock into their car audio line. They've changed from their rest-on-our-Xplode-laurels as has been shown in the past two decades.

If I were personally looking to find a decent unit and changer at a great price, I'd first go to Crutchfield to do my comparisons. Once I found the models I was interested in at Crutchfield, I'd shop for the unit(s) on ebay or Sonicelectronix.
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