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Originally Posted by SnowDawgy View Post
this will be bad for the game overall.
No, it really won't.

"speed ball" players aren't going to use it because heavy is slow. Maybe a back player will, but so what? They can already carry that much in pods and don't have to stop shooting to reload, so it's moot.

Some scenario players might use it sure, but you aren't going to see a legion of goose stepping death troopers marching down a field in formation mowing down everyone and their mother. You just won't.

Walk on players at the local field. Refer to heavy is slow.

Also, to ask if anyone here has been stitched up by an electro player is a bit much. I'm sure a lot of us have. But, besides having morals, what's to stop me from plugging this thing into a pro/carbine and overshooting? Technically, I could make a ramped plug for my pgp and just shoot and shoot and shoot.

You're acting like this thing is going to make it to market and actually sell. When, in reality, it will probably just be hyped up and die like the tippmann hell hound. It's heavy, high priced, and fits a very small niche. You'll likely never even see one in person, much less actually being used on a field. Everything will be ok.
Originally Posted by GauchoRockero
I see you on every phantom related thread

Things I would like to purchase with American dollars:
1: Dragon barrel plugs!

Louisiana bound! If you live down that way hit me up!
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