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Around here, if you aren't in camo, you are sticking out like a billboard...

I always snicker when I see my opponents show up in bright colored clothes. And no matter their skill level, their positions are given away because of their outfits/brightly colored markers.

I just think about what I see in the woods, clearly movement is a dead giveaway, but the other things your eye is drawn too, is contrast, and nothing contrasts more than a bright color among other dull colors. In the woods, one of the worst things you can wear is blue jeans, especially lighter colored ones... Your legs are moving, and in light colored jeans, they just stick out.

I have sat still and had players step on me before. I have also sat in the middle of a trail and let players walk up to me. Just to see how close they would get before they saw me. I had a guy get 5 feet from me before he realized he was staring at the end of my barrel!

I was at a scenario this summer and I was laying next to a downed tree, when a player actually stepped on me. I said "Ow" and he looked down at the barrel of my gun. Needless to say he surrendered, without me even saying anything! (I would have shot before he got that close, but I couldn't see his arm band...)

We play in the woods around here, so Realtree is by far my choice, (some mossy oak patterns are similar) because it blends in really well in our area.

Here is a game, where a guy in tourney gear, and another in camo decided to go around the side, and try to sneak up on us... Except I was already there, in the MIDDLE of the trail.

I let them get 15 feet from me before I opened fire (I could have let them get closer, but our field has a 15 foot rule, and I wanted to shoot them not surrender them...).

Neither one of them knew I was there until I started firing. And even then, we were so close they BOTH ran away as they weren't sure where the paint was coming from!

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Is Camo Effective in Paintball? Woodsball tactics by Trails of Doom, Flanking ZoomCam - YouTube
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