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tjd10684's Pneu-Assist Sniper kits

This will be the sale thread but as promised I will be giving everyone a week to gather funds if necessary. This will also be a first come first serve basis to avoid playing favorites. They will be going on sale 9/2/13 at 6:00 PM eastern time and I will be looking at PM times to see who came first.

For this first week I will be answering any questions comments or concerns in this thread.

Now down to business. I have 4 of these to sell. 3 black handles and 1 white. The price will be set at 300.00 for that price you will get the all the items shown in the pdf below except the ram (also noted in drawing). You will also get a small tube of loctite 222ms and loctite 242, a small jar of the recommended lube called SuperLube, 3 extra lpr spacers, 2 lp hose top hats and 1 ft of lp hose (several colors available).

Also so you get the best product possible with the least hassle, I am offering to install these on your marker for free. You will send me your entire marker I will install time, tune, and test then send it back ready to go.

It is also of note that I would recommend using QEV's on your ram. I have successfully tested it without them but I did notice a marked improvement when I installed them.

Now please if you have any questions or concerns please post them here and I will do my best to answer them.

Thanks for looking

(Fit testing pic)

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