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Honestly, its how you play more than what you wear. Back when all my friends were still randomly playing in random 'friendly' woods, all me and my brother used was a nice SHINEY chrome finished spyder clone, some button-up shirts from GoodWill, and jeans.

I love showing up as a 'sleeper' in jeans/teeshirt. Just look at how well some of the Carters-commando's do...and the key is, they are also having A LOT of fun while doing it.

People at nearly every occasion were calling us "ninjas" because every other game one or both of us would just absolutely bushwack some or most of the other team.

We still rock those same shirts, i trade out between olive or a large patterned realtree, and we still are able to easily maneuver without being detected, just have to know how to do it.

I actually get all excited when i see ppl show up in straight up realtree/woodland (and even some of the other 'popular' ones) because it usually means they will be relying on their camo to do the work for them, which means....they have not yet mastered the art of 'how not to be seen'.

Keep in mind also, from a distance, what does your camo pattern look like? Most sets lose most of their advantage because they just turn into a single color. Also bear in mind, real tree doesn't work so well when you are moving, or really doing anything other than laying on the ground...imho (which is why i only use it for my pants, some of the time, as my legs are the part of me that is connected to the ground most often)

Also, FE, that vid is just an example of someone coming from a bright sunny clearing not being able to see through several bushes INTO the dark not-sunny woods. You could have been wearing next to anything and the laws of physics/light would have prevented him from seeing you. Its more of an example of knowing where and how to no-be-seen than of camo being effective.

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