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CS is top notch, just got off the phone with them on one of my "borrow" a-5's that somehow got the housing broken... (no telling how that happened). They checked it all out and are mailing it back to me today! They only charged me the shipping costs! Woot!

Made in America and you speak to guys that speak ENGLISH when they call! (I got three different phone calls, as they were going to put new internals in this one, but I just didn't include them when I sent it back as I was redoing the markers for the new season and left most of the parts on my workbench... This one had the old style rear cap that had cracked, so they replaced that piece for free!

I have a few really old paintball guns, but anything I buy is Tippmann. So when people bring their gear and it breaks down on them, I hand them one of my spare Tippmanns and they can still have fun that day!

I just picked up a Tipx even!...
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