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Truly bolt action KPMI (lots of pics) PRICE DROP

Testing the waters here... Up for sale today is my truly bolt action KPMI. It started out its life as just a standard PMI stock class, but I thought it needed jazzed up. I bought a KP stock and trigger group and added those, but it still needed something. So I made it bolt action! It has a modified bolt so it has to be in the down position to be fired, just like a real bolt action rifle. Now, before I go any farther, I think it's important to make this very clear; with a simple change of bolt, this can be turned back into a pump. Simply take this bolt out, put a stock bolt back in, add a pump handle, and you're ready to go. Stock does have a little wear, but is still in great condition. I had to drill a hole in it (as shown in the pictures) because the screw hole didn't line up on the PMI as it would on an actual KP. Safety works as it should. It also comes with the loudener custom made by BigOldSkool. I'll let the pictures do the rest of the talking.

It is shooting a little low (around 230).


Now for the important part.

Price: $350 shipped OBO. No trades at this time.

Any questions feel free to PM me.

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