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Originally Posted by THE-SHOOTIST View Post
21,000 paintballs equals roughly 10.5 cases.

Even at Dick's or Walmart prices of @ $35.00 a case, that expense of paint equates to roughly $500.00. This does not include the cost of the CO2 to run the guns.

$500.00 would go a long way to preventing these 21,000 children dying from "poverty" on that day.
270,000 Youtube views, with each view presenting the viewer with an easy "click-to-donate" button can go a long way to preventing children from dying as well.

Since we're just talking about paintball costs at the moment and can briefly ignore the other costs involved in making the video, that works out to less than two cents spent per view. Compared to the traditional production/advertising costs for charities, this is amazingly frugal.

Finally, as the top comment in the video pointed out, if their channel, has adsense enabled, under standard Youtube monetization rates they've already made most of their money back.

The simple truth is, you've got to spend money if you want to raise money.
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