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I know I'm reviving an old thread but I felt it warrants revisiting. I took the advice posted here and cut down my 15 round tube. Rather than just take a hack saw to it, I measured out the cut first using a set of digital calipers. I used them to score a ring around the tube to ensure an even cut. I then notched the tube using the cutting wheel on my dremel to get the cut started for the hack saw. after cutting through, I took the grinding wheel on my Dremel to smooth out the rough edges. I finished it off with some 400 grit sandpaper to smooth off the edges and remove any burs left over. All in all, I took off 1.75" from the tube. It will now hold 12-13 balls if I pack them to the end of the feedgate. Now I can properly aim down the top without bumping it into my face. Also, I can now get a proper grip on the 12 gram changer where I couldn't before. It also looks a lot cleaner than it did with that big honkin' 15 rounder on top. Thanks for the advice!

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