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Paintball is my Obsession
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I like observant people!

I consider myself relatively observant of people and my surroundings. For example, at my workplace, the company is remodeling the dealership and on of the tile layers was wearing black cargo shorts with red and white hibiscus flowers down the outer seams. For some reason I asked where he got them and if he played paintball. Florida and no.... fail.

Today, I was at a small family/friends party and as we were leaving, a guy there looked at my hat and says, WGP autococker... do you play paintball?" slightly stunned, I said, "Huh? Oh ya, yes I do. You are the first person in years to catch that." I have been wearing a black WGP hat for years. It only says WGP Paintball in a smallish logo offset on the front. From that, we talked for 15 minutes about paintball. Hopefully he can make it to a local pump game soon. He also knows Smiley from Merry Band of Brothers. I told him about our forum, and urged him to join. A 20+ year player.

TL;DR It's nice running into people that pick up on the slightest thing that sparks a good conversation!
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