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Precision Powder - Custom Marker Refinishing

Let me start with a quick introduction, my name is Roger and I own Precision Powder. I offer custom powder coating, custom ceramic coating, media blasting, and chemical stripping. While I mainly deal in the automotive/motorcycle and construction industries, paintball guns, and custom chameleons/colors are my specialty.

Where powder coating is better than anodizing:
1) I can produce colors that anodizing is not capable of producing, ever
2) I can produce finishes that anodizing is not capable of producing, ever
3) Powder coating offers serious protection again stretches and dings. if you scratch anodizing you also are stretching the metal
4) Powder coating can produce truly metallic colors with color shifting flakes and pearls
5) Powder coating can be stripped an indefinite amount of times without effecting the metal
6) Powder coating can be applied to any metal not just aluminum
7) Powder coating can be applied to cast metals where anodizing can only be applied to billet aluminum. While this does not directly apply to paintball its a handy piece of information to know.

Two important things to keep in mind:
1) Powder coating is an external coating only, it will not be applied to interior parts of the marker, those will be taped and plugged off. If your marker is already anodized I will clean it up and go directly over it as there is no reason to remove it unless it is a very poor job.
2) Despite the ridiculous myth your marker will NOT be noticeably heavier, we are talking fractions of an ounce maybe.

While I'm here I'd like to address the cost factor, pricing of powder coating is difficult as it is based on a number of different factors: number of coats, size of the object, number of pieces, existing condition, finish requested, and custom finishes/colors. Prices for a full marker can range anywhere from $100 for a simple one color job to $350-400 for something completely custom with multiple layers, custom flakes, custom pearls, or other effects.

Things to note about the finishes, because powder coating is a dry application things like an acid wash is not possible (yet, working on some things to make this happen). Splashes are possible just not something I typically do. Fades are possible but are difficult on this scale so I do not typically offer them on paintball markers. However finishes such as: metallics, veins, rivers, textures, wrinkles, chameleon, candy, matte, glossy, cast, and pearls are available. These effects can be compounded when I use more than one on the same part.

While I'm on the topic of finishes, custom finishes will always be a one off job. I will NEVER repeat a finish for someone if i have already done it for someone else. Its important to me that each custom job stays unique. I will do something close, or something of the same concept but please do not ask me to copy something I have already done because I will not do it.

Now on to some pictures, here are a few of the custom finishes I have done.

Custom metallic wine red candy, with a metallic charcoal

Orange with gold pearl, with a chameleon purple -> blue flake

Completely custom chameleon finish with multiple sized flakes.

Custom flat transparent purple

Custom purple flake intended to be black out of direct sunlight but sparkle purple in the sun.

Custom pearl white with a custom blue pearl

Custom flat brown miniature texture

Custom metallic navy blue with a heavy custom dark blue flake, and a custom blue pearl white

Gloss black with custom holographic flake

Its also worth mentioning for those of you that want the truest tactical finish for anyone running scenarios I do offer a full line of ceramic coating. These coatings are applied at .001" and are good up to 1800 degrees.

If anyone has any questions feel free to post them here.
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