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Originally Posted by big jim View Post
I will send a picture when I get ready to have the work done. I haven't started on it yet. I would assume the finish will be wire brushed off as it is currently slightly rusty at the moment.
No wire brush, that creates a non uniform surface, I will media blast it off.

Originally Posted by boo View Post
I love powder coating, I restore old bikes as a hobby and I love getting a vintage frame blasted and coated in metallic flakes. Its durable as hell, I can lock a bike up against a signpost or get it knocked over without scratching.

That being said I'm a little skeptical to use powdercoating on paintball markers. If coating is chosen over anno, Ceracoat seems to be the way to do it, even with the limited color options.

Do you have any pictures of powder coated markers after a season of rough play?

My biggest concern is with repeated wear to a single spot. Its usually not an issue with cars and bikes, but a huge issue on paintball markers. I'm thinking stuff like misaligned pump arms, leaning a marker against wood bunkers and trees while firing and aiming, and repeated paintball hits over time.

Both scratch, but since powder coating is a plastic coating with a much thicker plastic surface then the metal anno, the scratches in the powder coat stand out a lot more.
Cerakoat, which I use often refinishing firearms is a ceramic coat. Its not nearly as durable. If powder coated correctly it is unlikely to scratch. When I get back to the office I will post a picture of something we use just for those questions. The problem you see with wear points in powder coating is when a clear coat is not used. A proper clear coat solves those issues. Drift cars often use powder coated lugs, few items see that abuse, they hold up fine. Leaning a gun against something will not cause any issues.

If the coater uses subpar powder, does not correctly prep, or under cures the powder it can. I however always blast anything other than clean ano for a good profile, acetone wash everything, use the highest quality powder on the market, and constantly check part temps with a heat gun to insure parts always have spend the correct time curing.
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