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As promised here is the durability test subject.

A little background behind it.

That is a water bottle I made for my younger brother to take on the road with him while he is driving trucks. The only instructions I gave him was to not baby it. That image was taken two months after i gave it to him. That bottle has seen 60 hour work weeks, falls off houses, falls off the back of trucks into gravel, its been slammed into forklifts, thrown in and out of trucks, slid across metal flat beds, its seen just about everything the construction industry can throw at it. It has taken it like a champ, the coating just bends with the metal. Keep in mind this bottle is a SINGLE COAT ONLY, there is absolutely NO CLEAR COAT on it for added durability. The coating is still going strong and its on month 4 now.

Hopefully that answered any durability questions for everyone
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