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Originally Posted by Mercenario View Post
I am sold
I will post more of the bottle as time goes on to show how it holds up under consistent abuse

Originally Posted by Neurotic Hapi Snak View Post
Dah-umn! Now I just need a gun to powder coat, lol.

When you find one you know where to find me. I always can fit in time for more guns as I run 2 ovens in the shop. One large 6x6x4 oven for big items or multiple small parts, and a smaller parts oven for doing small parts while the big one is going.

To keep you guys interested here are some colors I have created lately so you can see there is no shortage of what can be made with a little creativity.

Please keep in mind these are just sample pieces for colors so they are nothing special to look at, they are just to have an idea what it will look like and for me to experiment with new blends and combinations on.

Gloss black, smooth in person, just picture makes it look grainy

Hopefully those spark some interest with you guys. I am ALWAYS making new colors and blends for custom jobs or out of my own curiosity/projects so expect to see interesting colors posted here for you guys
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