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Wycke- I got the case off of eBay from this seller. It's quite a nice case. I love the fact that it has wheels and an extendable handle. My only complaints are that the foam is glued in and (on mine, at least) the wheels aren't quite level when it's laying flat, allowing it to sometimes wobble. Aside from those two things, I think it's a great case for the price. Like you said, it looks like it was made for the KP. I've received compliments from cops on how nice of a case it is! Most of the other cases that I've found have been way too big for the KP.

Talfuchre- I'm glad you like the changes, but I can't take credit for them; that's the way I bought it. And if selling it for $550 hurt, well, I got it for even less than that. I do have a couple more questions about it. I'll be sending a PM your way.

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