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WTS/TT: CCM Kit'd Pump Package, Bring Spire/Rotor/Z2

Price: 160 shipped, +$30 for international shipping
Looking for a Spire or Rotor or Z2 WITH speedfeed
Add cash if it's a rotor or Z2.

Pre 2k RF Sniper
CCM Premium Pump Kit
Valve Tool
Rainman Hitman Mod
Lightened valve and hammer springs
Benchmark Double Trigger Frame
Black magic regulator
WGP On/Off
7 oz CO2 Tank
2 150 APP hoppers
1 50 APP hopper
However many 50 rd pods I can fit in the box
Dye SS Glued Boom stick (Some idiot wrench marks on back)
Proto 1 pc barrel
Original CCM Pump Plate

If you need more pics, let me know.

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