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FS: Action Markers Sentinel/AM-4

Spyder MR5:

Stock with 1x 9-ball mag and spare parts kit. Have factory box too. Includes 53 FS rounds.
Asking $155 shipped in the US SOLD!


Next is the AM Sentinel/AM-4

I bought this AM-4/Sentinel with intentions of using it, never did though. Airs up, cycles, no leaks. This marker is unique in that you adjust the velocity by changing the tension on the valve spring, not the main spring. The front grip and stock can be removed and there is a replacement back cap that goes in place of the stock that is quite small.

*Clamping neck
*16" barrel
*SP on/off
*Spare set of just about every internal part
*Stock is 3-way adjustable

And in Sentinel configuration:

Asking $85 shipped in the US SOLD
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