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Originally Posted by Nightstar View Post
It's been over a decade since I've purchased anything from Badlands. I mean I've tried but they never have the gear I want in stock at the store.

Violation of MAP is a plus in my book, that sort of price fixing was illegal int the good ole USofA until a 2007 judicial travesty. You make Badlands seem heroic.

I don't think I'll ever purchase from Badlands in the future though. Their latest douchebaggery was setting up a new store in the very same plaza as a local shop and then tagging their online sales adds with that shop's name. This kinda crap gets my hackles up.
But a MAP is the only thing that protects consumers and producers from companies like Walmart fom completely screwing them over. If a company is willing to advertise at a lower price the playing field for that consumer is no longer balanced. I enjoy saving money, but if the mom and pop shops can't stay in business because a big chain can offer the same product at a much lower mark up the whole industry is doomed. Paintball is far too much a niche market for there to not be some form of protection for everyone involved.
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