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MR paintball does a lot for local teams, players and Reymond can fix anything and is super awesome to deal with. Best shop in Calgary and Edmonton.

Badlands Ontario should not be compared to badlands Alberta. The Alberta locations are owned by a different guy, and the Alberta locations are a joke, no tech, no sales staff that play or actually know what they are talking about. Rumor around the campfire is Badlands Calgary may soon be closing a location. So Badlands Alberta is only really hurting themselves.

As far a , great place, prices are fair and typical but they cant support bulk orders, atleast on certian items. My team is also sponsored by them and we tried to do 7 pairs of exalt pants, eight i4 lens, pods and some other misc stuff. It took pbg two months to tell us the pants were back ordered and that they did not have our requested amount in stock in another brand and that they could not place the order. So we went directly to exalt and had our pants in 36 hours from order to at our front door. We dealt with local shops to get the other needed goods. pbg is still a great place and shop to deal with online but I will always buy local before online.

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