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I've dealt with Badlands Alberta, Badlands Ontario and their online store. All three are just...terrible. Poor selection, prices aren't anything spectacular, and their shipping is terrible. I ordered a T9 on Boxing Day a few years ago, and it took them a month-after several e-mails and phone calls asking about the status of my order (Which was charged on that day, not when the order shipped), they finally told me they'd sold out. To their credit, they did finally send me a T9...two months later, and a month after the game I'd bought it before., conversely, has been fantastic. Occasionally, they're a little slow on telling you about out-of-stock items, but everything else has been fantastic. Plus, they offer wholesale prices for our outlaw field in the Yukon, and honour their free shipping up here as well-unlike Badlands, who charges out the *** to ship anywhere outside of major cities.

I will never deal with anybody else in Canada but unless I have to. They are just fantastic.
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