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Strange and GameFace impulse F/S/T

I have two flawless condition private label impulses for sale/ trade. I will accept the following trades: LPRs, NDZ impulse internals, and other PL items.

Strange Impulse

-Pristine Stange Impulse body (Original feedneck, LPR, and Gas-thru included)
-ECS non-vision board
-Eclipse blade trigger
-Evil Punch ram/ hammer assembly
-Shocktech Supafly bolt/ pin
-CP drop & on/off
-vertical max-flo
-progressive barrel

The only things it needs is a set of grips, and maybe a tune. All o-rings have been replaced with oringmonkey ones this past week.

Looking to get $160.00 obi for this one plus shipping.

Game Face/ Detroit Thunder impulse

-good condition GameFace/ Detroit thunder body with matching frame, tray, and VAA. The frame has been cut down (freak factory style).
-twister feedneck
-strange bolt/ stock pin
-stock internals
-blade trigger
-Phat drop & on/off
-vertical max-flo
-progressive barrel

This gun is incomplete. It needs a board, both detents, and grips (all are easy to come by...) Other than that I have replaced all the o-rings in this as well, so it will need a little tune when you find a board.

Looking to get $130.00 obo plus shipping for this.
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