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Originally Posted by DoC19K View Post
The a5/x7 threaded deadly winds was having the same issues then deadly wind fixed it by putting an insert or making it longer, I forget the exact fix but the bolt wouldn't get stuck in barrel. My thought would be turning down the stock bolt because when the TPX stock barrel got freak bored, the stock bolt [not turned down] got stuck in the smaller inserts so the same theory I think...I might for the phenom since it travels a bit into the back of the barrel.
Originally Posted by Cyco-Dude View Post
the bolts on tippmanns enter into the rear of the barrel. on properly made barrels, the rear is overbored to about .710 for about .5" into the barrel, to allow for the bolt to enter. this is why freak backs for tippmanns are longer than other backs, and why the inserts are not flush with the end of the back.

bolts jamming in small inserts / backs is not a tippmann problem, but rather out-of-spec barrels / barrel backs from the various aftermarket manufacturers.

long story short, tippy bolts are too big for underboring.

i do know the tech t bad karma bolt works with inserts down to .665 (smallest the tester had) on the tipx

when i mod stock bolts, i turn them down to .660, so they clear all standard inserts, plus ty's inserts

modding the back of the barrels is an option, if its a fixed bore barrel (ie 1 size barrel)
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