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FloryPB Freak Boring Service

My lathe is currently down I will let you know when I get the spindle fixed. I need to find a set of bearings for this old lathe which are not a standard size unfortunately

Sorry for the inconvenience will resume operation after I get the lathe back up and running correctly


I am starting up my freak boring service again, I have done this in small amounts in the past but now that I have some time at night after work I would like to get this going more often.

I will only accept aluminum barrels at this time.
Show me a picture of the barrel before sending it to make sure I can put it in my fixture.

Proof of work, I use a reamer instead of a boring bar followed by a flex hone just to make sure its nice and smooth and there are no little burs still in the barrel.

Now for the good news

Price $20 per barrel + Return Shipping meaning whatever it cost you to get it to me add it to the $20 and I will send it back the same way I receive it.

I guarantee my work

I will guarantee same week turnaround or its free, unless unforeseen complications, IE my house burns down, my lathe breaks, etc.

Also all freak inserts will fit your barrel after I bore it and your barrel will not get destroyed or I will buy the barrel for whatever the market value is.

I also reserve the right to send any barrel back that I feel cannot be freak bored correctly with my setup, or if the barrel itself cannot be freak bored for reasons of being to thin afterwards or out of round.
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