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Brass and Wood Fan
Originally Posted by PistolRogue View Post
Got a lot done last night, the spring feed is now top-loaded and spring-guided, and is also mounted to the body. Went with the top feed because it gave me a convenient way to install the top mounting screw that kept me from having to fab a bunch more parts. Also resulted in being able to mill more off the bottom of the spring feed for a lower overall profile. Other than that I just trimmed up the body by milling the front flush with the feed and doing a somewhat decorative cut at the rear. Oh, and swapped back to eNMEy guts and frame because it looked nicer than the SP1 frame.

Next up will be finishing the reg cover/mount with the material that should be showing up today. After that its really just some cosmetic milling and shakedown before she's ready to hit the field.

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Nice work! Shame you can't use it in "magfed" games hahahahaha....
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