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Modernizing Rasorback III

So I met up with some members on here for the western pa pump game. and SN Toter was rocking this awesome Rasorback III but the problem was it cant really use modern small bore paint. So we got to talking and he let me bring it home to take some measurements and see what I could come up with. After thinking about it I came up with this list of things to do to "modernize" this classic marker.

1. split body and barrel
2. thread breach for AC threads
3. Thread remaining barrel for AC threads
4. Bore barrel for freak inserts.

5. Enlarge handle ID not enough meat
6. Sleeve Handle with black delrin. see No. 5

I have already started but I'll start taking some pics of the progress as I work on it.

so far I have split the body and barrel and I have the breach bored ready for threading. but I am going to have to wait till my cocker barrel tap comes in.
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