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Velocity issues. Think I'm on the right track

Finally took my new-to-me cocker to the chrony. While it does seemed to be really well timed, I cannot get the velocity higher than 250. Reg is set to 300 (brand new CP reg), I've tried raising that a bit, around 325-330PSI, but higher than that and I get a drop in velocity, which I know is normal with cockers and the pressure buildup.

Turning the IVG 3-4 turns in makes little to no difference in velocity. Paint is matched with the barrel. I've tried a longer but softer hammer spring I had lying around, no difference.

Am I right in thinking the lower tube and valve might need a good cleaning? It's the only thing I've yet to try simply because I don't have a cocker valve tool.

Hopefully I can borrow one from a teammate and see if a cleanup - or even a valve swap - makes a difference. I've got a spare CCM S6.5 valve, spring and hammer spring lying around in my parts box.
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