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Meh, everybody I know who watched it that hasn't played paintball yet is afraid to try it now. Why can't the networks show people following the rules, having a good time, and not complaining when they get out? In most other televised sports there is a professional aspect to it. Most of these guys act like the 12 year old twibs they started out as. Sometimes it feels like the "Pros" are just the grown older (but not up) versions of the same old whiney rich kids that muck things up at the amateur tourney level.

On the other hand, bonus balling IMO is a direct result of guns with too high of an rof. I have shot such markers, and it is far too easy to do it even when you aren't trying to. For this reason sometimes I give the occasional overshooter a pass if they admit they just lost control of the gun for a half second, but as soon as they blame someone else, or me, or bouncy triggers or something else that they should have fixed in the first place, then I get very, very angry.

...What was that british game show they used to have on, with the paintballers that would be driven in in a van, then have to complete objectives and get back to the van?... it was very milsim'ey and the people had to act dead if they got shot...they could get players back with points from the missions, and they had the oppritunity to purchase grenades and shields...
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